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Shrink Wrap

Shrink Wrap is a proven water proofing system which has been used in the construction industry in both the USA and Europe for a number of years. We are now able to offer Shrink Wrap in New Zealand to compliment our Scaffolding business.

Shrink Wrap is an extremely versatile plastic film which can be spread over any area which needs weather proofing and with the application of heat, shrinks tight over the supporting structure. No more need for heavy noisy flapping tarps, no time delays placing and removing tarps. Once the Shrink Wrap is installed it provides a warm, dry environment that allows enough natural light to both work in and even for the home owner to live under.

Shrink Wrap has been used in the marine industry to cover boats, as well as the construction industry, where it has proven itself as a cost effective, time saving application whether it be a deck replacement, alteration, new home or complete reclad.

We are one of the few companies who offer both Scaffolding as well as Shrink Wrap, thus making it more cost effective for our customers.

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While we are based on the North Shore, we offer our shrink wrappings services across both the Auckland and Rodney regions. From Manukau to Warkworth and everywhere in between, NHS are the ones to call.

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